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Programming Policy 

Theatre programming at Alphabetti Theatre:

We co-produce 60% of the work that is on our stage.

We programme 5 – 18 months in advance.

We mainly programme work from artists based in the North East.

We predominantly programme touring theatre during the Newcastle Fringe Festival, in late July/early August, all applications to be part of the festival should go to Newcastle Fringe Festival.

The work we co-produce we will very rarely work with an artist we do not already have a relationship with.

We’re interested in original, innovative, entertaining, joyful work with a social and usually political leaning.

We are interested in work that will fit our playing space. Please check our tech specs. Click here to see our tech specs


This is what our co-producing deal looks like as of April 23:

We tend to work with artists who we have a developed a relationship with, we are dedicating all our resources to these productions, so we want to have a mutual understanding.

All performances that take place at Alphabetti are socioeconomically accessible performances, the first week of a run being Pay What You Feel, with the remaining being ticketed with prices ranging from £15 - £3. To further our goal of making great art accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. Each offer to the artist/ company varies although below is roughly what you could expect:

  • Each production must rehearse and premier with Alphabetti. 

  • 6 days to get in and tech (10am – 6pm)

  • A run of 18 performances

  • A box office guarantee of £2,700 vs. a net box office split of 70/30 in your favour whichever is greater

  • Introduction to script publisher

  • Free rehearsal space

  • PR support

  • Artistic Support

  • Community Engagement Support

  • Technical Support

  • Audience Development and Marketing support

  • Support in making your production accessible.

How to develop a relationship with us?

Where to start:


Invite us to a show (if we can attend, we will) or send us a link to your portfolio, previous production or another online medium. Start by emailing the more time in advance the better

Be present at Alphabetti, we’re a small team so introduce yourself when you’re watching a show (all of our performances are socioeconomically accessible performances, the first week of a run being Pay What You Feel, with the remaining being ticketed with prices ranging from £15 - £3. So, if you’re skint you can still watch the show). By watching the work we programme you will get a better understanding of our tastes, quality we expect and what will fit into our theatre.  

Attend workshops and apply for opportunities, these are ever changing we announce them online through our social media channels, in the venue and on our mailing list.

Chat to us!

Start by emailing

We want to talk, sometimes we will say no but that isn’t a forever no, we want to have conversations about how a working relationship could form and grow. Tell us what you can; Where and in what way do you see the show being platformed? What Tech ideas do you have? Do you have any existing relationships with community organisations or groups? What do you expect from Alphabetti?

We programme 5-18 months in advance and want to be a creative co-producer so we are wanting to be with you at the start of an idea or conception of a creative process. This way we can support you or your organisation through marketing, community engagement, producing, developing and platforming your show.


Are you ready? Do you have a finished script? Have you built a relationship with us? If so it sounds like you are ready to apply!



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01 Changing way we work

Credit:  Adam Goodwin

Two white females in frilly grey jumpers and WW2 flying caps and goggles. The women are dressed as pigeons

Walter by Steve Byron, 2018 Directed by Ali Pritchard, featuring Sam Neale & Zoe Lambert. Picture Credit:  Steve Byron


Love Ali Pritchard, 2020 Directed by Ali Pritchard, featuring Diji Solanke Picture Credit: Von Fox Promotions


Present by Ali Pritchard, 2019 Directed by Ali Pritchard, featuring Malcolm Shields Picture Credit: Matt Jamie

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