Shortlisted for Fringe Theatre of the Year

The Stage Awards 2020

'Creating Safer LGBTQ Learning Spaces Award

Highly Commended

LGBTQ North East Awards 2019

Best Children’s Show Award

British Theatre Guide North East - 2017


Best New Play Award 

British Theatre Guide North East - 2016

Best New Writing Award

North East Theatre Guide - 2015 and 2016


Alphabetti Theatre is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and was created by Ali Pritchard. We create, produce, and programme new, original work from emerging artists across the performing arts, championing work in Music, Theatre, Comedy and Poetry.

We strive to make theatre that is relatable and accessible to all, and are constantly looking for new ways to challenge ourselves, physically, mentally and conceptually – we believe that by challenging ourselves we inevitably challenge the audience, creating engaging and original experiences.

"Alphabetti Theatre are doing some remarkable things to keep grassroots culture alive and well in Newcastle."

GiggleBeats 2013

Alphabetti creates, produces and programmes new original work from exciting artists across the performing arts. In 2017 we transformed the third venue space in our short history into our new home. Located on St James Boulevard Alphabetti is Newcastle’s newest and smallest producing theatre.

We have two stages, our main space seats 80 and is set up in Thrust, with raised audience on three sides. Our second space The D'Addario Stage is located in our bar/café and is for music, poetry and cabaret. Additionally we have two upstairs rehearsal space and artist studios.

Alphabetti was not opened for business, money, or personal gain but for the necessity of a fringe venue in Newcastle and the North East, ensuring the development and improvement of the ecology of the performing arts in the region.

We receive the occasional project grant from the Arts Council and other charitable organisations however the majority of our income to keep us running comes from our bar, so when you visit us make sure you sample our fine offerings!

We have a number of opportunities to get involved in such as performing in the space for theatre companies, writers, directors, poets, comedians and musicians. If you would like to be programmed at Alphabetti Please visit our Programming Policy page for more information.

In 2021, Alphabetti Theatre committed to paying every performance Pay What You Feel.

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Ali's main focus is on programming, creating and producing our productions and seasons of work. He also overseas the running of the whole charity delegating and working with our incredible small team who go back and beyond to continue evolving the theatre. 

In 2012 Ali founded Alphabetti Theatre at the age of 22, making him one of the UK’s youngest artistic directors running a venue. He has a BA honours in Drama & Scripting from Northumbria University, and a Higher Diploma in Contemporary Vocals from The Academy of Contemporary Music. Ali is a visiting lecturer at a number of higher educational organisations across the North East, and in 2013 following a yearlong graduate fellowship at Northumbria University, he won the “Best Postgraduate Lecturer” award.

Under Ali’s leadership, Alphabetti have become a crucial part of the arts ecology in the region. Alphabetti is now a fully registered charity and has just secured a 10 year lease for their current premise a 75 seater venue with its own bar, rehearsal room, studios and workshop. With their bold Pay What You Feel ticketing scheme, which is unique for the city - they have been able to engage with a new and diverse audience. The majority of their yearlong programme of 280 – 300 performances are part of this scheme. Following the first full year in the venue Alphabetti welcomed 10,000 audience members and worked with 1,100 artists. 

Ali has been involved in every Alphabetti Theatre produced production, some of his credits include: Teeth In Eggcups (2012), Three Shorts (2013), The Frights (2015 & 2016), The Rooms (2016 & 2017), Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers (2016 & 2019), Trolley Boy (2018) and Walter (2017 & 2018). He is also producer, and writer of How did I Get To This Point? (2014), How Did We Get To This Point? (2016) Present (2019) and children’s book Keeping Time (2018). 






Esther graduated from Newcastle University in 2015 with an MA in English Literature 1500-1900, and started volunteering and working with Alphabetti soon after. She took on the role of Venue Producer in 2019, and is involved in each show that Alphabetti produces. Her credits include: producer for Three Shorts (2019), Rocket Girl (2020), AWARE (2021), and Sucking Eggs (2021), and producer and assistant director for hang by debbie tucker green (2021). She has done voluntary work for QI, Seven Stories, Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to satisfy her research needs, and will not shut up about the cool thing she’s just read. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her dancing Lindy Hop with Newcastle group Swing Tyne, buried in a book, or generally bothering Rex.


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Eilis graduated with a degree in English Literature BA and Cultural and Creative Industries Management MA. Eilis has worked at her way up at Alphabetti Theatre to General Manager. Eilis oversees the operations of the whole building, from the bar, the rehearsal rooms even trying her hand at redecorating Alphabetti herself! After many years of working and studying in the industry Eilis's interests are moving into producing and taking on many exciting projects in the future. 


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Si is a stand-up comedian and writer who has also held a number of other important roles within North East culture. Alongside performing at the biggest comedy clubs up and down the country, he also serves as Events & Marketing Coordinator for Newcastle Castle and writes for a variety of magazines and websites on the North East cultural scene. Having served as NARC Magazine's Web Editor for a number of years, he has a real love of the North East and Newcastle (though he's a Hebburn boy through and through) and has even written several articles for places like Buzzfeed about this wonderful city that managed to go viral. As a stand-up comic, he has performed on Alphabetti Theatre stages regularly since the very early days, and even debuted his solo show 'Get Lush' with Alphabetti in 2019.






Audrey is a live performance practitioner that creates theatre, events, and performance art in Teesside and the North East, with a focus on queer or working class audiences. They graduated from Rose Bruford College in 2020, and since then has worked mostly as an independent artist and facilitator under the support of ARC Stockton.

They began working with Alphabetti as the community engagement coordinator when they discovered a passion for combining arts and social change, and creating welcome, accessible, and vibrant spaces for lower or working class people within arts and culture.


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Rachel stumbled into the theatre world almost accidentally, having graduated with an MSc in Mining Geology.

After slogging it hard in the corporate world of Engineering Geology, working nights on railway lines in the middle of nowhere, they decided enough was enough and retired into the hospitality industry.

They climbed the ladder at By The River Brew Co, developing their love of craft beer and brewing, often taken advantage of for their small stature to clean the inside of the mash tun.

Rachel jumped at the opportunity to work at Alphabetti Theatre, and joined the team in May 2021, assisting Eilis in the everyday running of the venue.






The General Assistants are the life blood of Alphabetti, they all have their own specialist skills and are essential to our continued improvement. Their main role is to ensure the bar and cafe is running smoothly however as per their job titles they generally assist across the venue - in tech, box office, programming, marketing, engagement and anything else that needs doing!

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Chloe moved from the North West in order to expand her knowledge and experience of arts venues, after studying BA Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds. She is ticket office manager at Dance City and in our opinion one of the most exciting freelance producers in the North East. 

Chloe has worked with Alphabetti on a freelance basis since 2015 - producing Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers, TrolleyBoy, Christmas Cabaret, The Rooms & The Frights to name but a few.


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Ben has been passionate about arts, culture, and social change since a taste of theatre transformed his life as a teenager. Becoming a culture convert he trained at Rose Bruford College, received a Masters in Film & Television from Westminster University, and studied for PhD at Goldsmiths College. 

His career has taken in writing for stage and screen, filmmaking, journalism, managing supported housing and youth citizenship programmes, numerous community arts projects, teaching film, and running services for disadvantaged children and young people. He has also written two critically acclaimed books, and produced a popular regional breakfast radio show. 

Ben is Executive Producer for City of Dreams leading a 10 year mission for NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues, making Tyneside "best place to be young" by engaging everyone under 25 in culture activity. Ben has worked with Alphabetti on a freelance basis since 2014 - he currently leads up Alphabetti's Arts Council England funded Just Write scheme. 


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Hello I am a dog, so apologies for any typo's - typing with paws is tough! My role is all encompassing - I check the comfort of all seating areas, help Becky focus lights by sitting in the bright patch, test the drinking water at least three times a day & I garden when the weather is nice. I like to greet people when they enter - sometimes I do get a little bit too exuberant in my welcoming and give a big bark - I can only apologise for that - I forget people are scared of me as I look like a Land Seal / Hairy Pig. Please just give me a stroke and I'll calm down again I am just so excited you're here to visit!

Email: I don't have one but I sometimes am on instagram - @pritchandpooch