Alphabetti Theatre is focussed on creating an environment where everyone can enjoy great art. This includes making our building as accessible as possible, making ticket prices affordable and adapting performances to suit different needs. 

Main theatre and bar

Our downstairs theatre and bar area is suitable for wheelchair access and we have one toilet that can be accessed by a wheelchair. 


We have the capacity for larger spaces within the theatre if required. 

Upstairs rehearsal room

Currently, our upstairs rehearsal room is not wheelchair accessible due to a number of steps. We are trying to seek capital funding to create a ramp at the back of the building to change this. 

Captioned Performances

We guarantee all our three-week long shows will offer a captioned performance, here is a list of all our upcoming captioned performances:

Opolis: Wednesday 27th April 2022 7:30pm


Whale of A Time: Wednesday 25th May 2022 7:30pm

All White Everything But Me: Wednesday 22nd June 2022 7:30pm 

This Show is Rubbish: Wednesday 3rd August 2022 1:00pm

Audio Described Performances 

We guarantee all our three-week long shows will offer an audio described performance, here is a list of all our upcoming audio described performances:

Opolis: Wednesday 4th May 2022 7:30pm


Whale of A Time: Wednesday 1st June 7:30pm

All White Everything But Me: Wednesday 29th June 2022 7:30pm

This Show is Rubbish: Wednesday 10th August 1:00pm

Theatre Seating Plan 

Here is access to our theatre seating plan, if you ever book a captioned or audio described ticket, you will be seated on either row C, D or E.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding to access please contact our General Manager Eilis on 0191 261 9125 or email

Content Warnings: Helpful Information and Links

We programme, create and support an array of performance and live art installations covering a variety of topics and issues. Please be aware that some elements of our programme may contain subjects that people may find distressing. If you would like any further information about a performance or would like to raise any queries with out team please feel free to contact our General Manager and Safeguarding Lead, Eilis, on or our Venue Producer, Esther, on who will be more than happy to have a chat and answer any questions. Below is a list of both local and national organisations who specialise in certain areas who will be able to provide further support: 

Newcastle Womens Aid

MESMAC North East

Albert Kennedy Trust



Changing Lives

Campaign to End Loneliness

OK Rehab

This list is not exhaustive and we would be more than happy to further assist anyone in pointing them in the right directions to any other relevant organisations. 

Relaxed Performances Policy


During our seasonal programming process, booked artists are encouraged to offer one relaxed performance as part of their run. More often than not this will take place on a Saturday afternoon in a matinee performance. 


Everyone is welcome to attend any performance at Alphabetti Theatre but we know that some audience members may prefer to attend a relaxed performance. Parents with babes-in-arms are encouraged to attend relaxed performances but are also welcome at all other performances. 


At Alphabetti, a relaxed performance means: 


  • A space where there isn’t the pressure to sit still or stay quiet

  • House lights will be dimmed but kept on

  • Music levels will be kept low with no sudden loud noises

  • Theatrical lighting will be adapted and will not include flashing lights or sudden special effects

  • Touch-tours will be offered where applicable and audience members are invited to have a look around the space 40 minutes before performances begin (currently suspended due to COVID-19)

  • The bar area will be a designated ‘chill-out zone’ for audience members who need to take a time-out

  • Audiences are free to leave and re-enter the theatre space as needed 

  • Audience can request to meet performers 45 minutes before the beginning of the show and also at the end to ask any questions

  • Audience members can request to have a written story summary in advance 

Babes in Arms Policy


  • Babies and young children under 2 years old do not require a ticket providing they can sit on knees of their accompanying adult

  • If your baby begins crying during a performance we would appreciate it if you could please step outside the theatre and return once they have stopped crying, unless you are attending a relaxed performance

  • Changing of nappies can be carried out in the accessible toilet situated to the left of the foyer

  • If your baby is sick during a performance, please notify a member of staff who can provide tissues/can clean up the mess

  • If you are able, please try to sit near the end of row so that you can enter and exit the theatre as needed with ease


If you have any questions regarding relaxed performances, our babes-in-arms policy or accessibility at Alphabetti, then please contact Eilis on or ring 0191 261 9125