On Thursday 4 June 2020 the below statement was made by the cultural sector of the North East in England.

If you would like to be added as a signee/point of contact please e-mail lucy.deprez@twmuseums.org.uk

Please note this page will not be updated immediately. This e-mail address is also only a point of contact for receiving signee requests for the list.

A poster saying "We stand to denounce racism in all it's forms"

UPDATE 2nd July 2020

We want to acknowledge the volume of social media surrounding Tyneside Cinema in the last 7 days and the pain that is being expressed.  Individuals and organisations which have signed up to the North East Culture Sector Statement in June have an obligation for public accountability on the actions they take to address racism and its deep roots.  We expect Tyneside Cinema to honour this commitment, consistent with their pledge.   We acknowledge the statement of the Tyneside Cinema Trustees of July 1st , their expression of sorrow and their commitment to publishing the recommendations of an independent review within 6 weeks.  After conversations with Tyneside Cinema yesterday and while the independent review takes place, it has been mutually agreed that Tyneside Cinema will be removed as a signee to the North East Culture Sector statement.

We all hold one another accountable.


We, the undersigned from the cultural sector of the North East, declare that silence is not ok and silence is seen as complicity. Racism has no place in a just and humane society.


Whilst we cannot undo pain and neglect, we are calling on all of us in the arts, cultural, heritage sectors; professional and voluntary to work together to address racism and its deep roots. We must listen, have conversations and most importantly act, we know we need to do better. Everyone is part of the solution – artists, staff, trustees, partners, promoters, audiences and communities.


We want to tackle this together in sharing better understanding and practices. We stand united to bring about change in our thinking and actions as a collective of organisations and individuals.


In the weeks and months to come we will collectively act to build on this statement with concrete steps and actions to demonstrate our commitment to bringing about real change. We ask you to stand with us.

The Signees:


  • Alphabetti Theatre

Signee: Ali Pritchard, Artistic/Executive Director

Contact: Ali Pritchard, ali@alphabettitheatre.co.uk


  • Ampersand Inventions

Signees: Jonpaul Kirvan FRSA / Peter Marchal, Directors

Contact: contact@ampersandinventions.com

  • Anna Robinson


Contact: anna.fkrobinson@gmail.com

  • ARC Stockton

Signee: Annabel Turpin

Contact: Annabel.Turpin@arconline.co.uk


  • Arts&Heritage

Stephanie Allen, Executive Director

Contact: info@artsandheritage.org.uk

  • Assembly Rooms Theatre Durham

Signee: Kate Barton

Contact: theatre.manager@durham.ac.uk

  • balletLORENT

Signee: Liv Lorent

Contact: liv@balletlorent.com

  • Blowin’ A Hooley Theatre

Contact: hooleytheatre@gmail.com

  • BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Signee: Sarah Munro, Director

Contact: Caroline Murphy, carolinem@balticmill.com

  • Ben Dickenson

Contact: benji.dickenson@gmail.com

Executive Producer, City of Dreams / Associate Literary Producer Alphabetti

  • Beverley Prevatt Goldstein

Signee: Beverley Prevatt Goldstein

Contact: beverleyprevattgoldstein@gmail.com

  • Brash

Signee: Bethan Kitchen, Artistic Director

Contact: bethan@brash-events.co.uk

  • Bridge+Tunnel Productions

Signee: Tina Gharavi, Creative Director

Contact: admin@bridgeandtunnelproductions.com

  • Butcher’s Dog Poetry Magazine

Dr. Jo Clement, Managing Editor

  • Camisado Club

Signee: Caroline Liversidge, Camisado Club

Contact: info@camisadoclub.co.uk

  • Centre for Life, Newcastle

Signee: Linda Conlon

Contact: Louise Richardson, louise.richardson@life.org.uk

  • Cobalt Studios

Contact: hello@cobaltstudios.co.uk

  • Company of Others

Signee: Nadia Iftkhar, Artistic Director & CEO

Contact: Nadia Iftkhar, nadia@companyofothers.org.uk

  • Coracle Productions

Signee: Matt Jamie, Artistic Director Contact: Coracletheatre@gmail.com

  • Curious Arts

Signee: Phil Douglas, Director

Contact: Ellie Puckering, ellie@curiousarts.org.uk

  • Curious Monkey

Signee: Amy Golding

Contact: amy@curiousmonkeytheatre.com

  • Creative Seed

Contact: Sandy and Garner Harris, Founding Directors

  • D6 Culture in Transit

Clymene Christoforou, Director

  • Dance City

Signee: Phil Douglas

Contact: Phil Douglas, phil.douglas@dancecity.co.uk

  • Degna Stone

Poet and editor

  • Disconsortia

Signee: Lisette Auton, Co-founding Member

Contact: disconsortia@gmail.com

  • Eliot Smith Dance (ESD)

Signee: Eliot Smith, Artistic Director

Contact: eliot@eliotsmithdance.com

  • Elizabeth Kane


Contact: Ekvisualartist@outlook.com

  • Ednie Wilson


  •  Gateway Studio CIO

Signee: Martin Hylton, Artistic Director/CEO

Contact: Martin Hylton, martin.hylton@gatewaystudioproject.co.uk

  • GemArts

Signee: Vikas Kumar MBE, Director

Contact: Vikas Kumar, vikas@gemarts.org

  • Gobscure

Signee: Sean Burn

Contact: gobscure@posteo.net

  • Gosforth Civic Theatre

Contact: info@gosforthcivictheatre.co.uk

  • Harambee Pasadia CIC

Signee: Hannabiell Sanders

Contact: Hannabiell Sanders, harambeepasadia@gmail.com

  • Kitchen Zoo

Signee: Bob Nicholson

Contact: info.kitchenzoo@gmail.com

  • Ladies of Midnight Blue

Signee: Yilis Suriel

Contact: Yilis Suriel, yilissuriel@gmail.com

  • The Letter Room

Signees: Meghan Doyle and Stan Hodgson, Co-Artistic Directors

Contact: info@theletterroomtheatre.co.uk

  • Little Cog

Signee: Vici Wreford-Sinnott, Artistic Director

Contact: littlecog@rocketmail.com

  • Live Theatre

Signee: Jim Beirne, Chief Executive

Contact: joe@live.org.uk

  • Luxi

Signee: Caroline Pearce

Contact: cp@luxicreative.co.uk

  • Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA)

Signee: Laura Sillars, MIMA Director and Dean of MIMA School of Art & Design

Contact: S.Pearson@tees.ac.uk

  • Melody Sproates


  • Mortal Fools

Signee: Kiz Crosbie, Artistic Director/CEO

Contact: kiz@mortalfools.org.uk

  • Mslexia

Debbie Taylor, Editorial Director

Contact: debbie@mslexia.co.uk

  • The NewBridge Project

Signee: Rebecca Huggan, Director

Contact: r.huggan@thenewbridgeproject.com

  • New Writing North

Claire Malcolm, Chief Executive

Contact: Claire Malcolm, office@newwritingnorth.com

  • Newcastles of the World

Signee: David Faulkner

Contact: newcastlesoftheworld@gmail.com

  • Newcastle City Council Arts Team

Signee: Cllr Ged Bell (Cabinet Member for Culture)

Contact: Jim Mawdsley, Arts and Culture Senior Advisor, Jim.Mawdsley@newcastle.gov.uk

  • Northern Print

Signee: Anna Wilkinson, Director

Contact: anna@northernprint.org.uk

  • Newcastle Theatre Royal

Signee: Philip Bernays, Chief Executive

  • Newcastle University

Signee: Professor Julie Sanders, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Contact: Julie.sanders@ncl.ac.uk

  • North East Culture Partnership

Signee: Matthew Jaratt

Contact: matthew.jarratt@neculturepartnership.co.uk

  • Northern Roots

Signee: Adam Collerton, Director

Contact: adam@northern-roots.org.uk

  • Northern Stage

Signee: Kate Denby, Executive Director 

Contact: Mark Calvert, MCalvert@northernstage.co.uk

  • OGRE

Contact: Steven Walker, Creative Director

  • Open Clasp

Signees: Joint Chief Executives Catrina McHugh MBE / Ellie Turner

Contacts: catrina@openclasp.org.ukellie@openclasp.org.uk

  • Orbis

Signees: Jonpaul Kirvan FRSA, Paul Stone, Chris Yeats

  • Origin Moko Jumbies

Signee: Alan Vaughan

Contact: alanpvaughan@gmail.com

  • Prometheus Foundation CIC

Contact: Dot Owston

  • Sage Gateshead

Signee: Abigail Pogson, Director

Contact: Wendy Smith, wendy.smith@sagegateshead.com

  • Sangini

Signee: Padma Rao

  • Seven Stories

Signee: John Coburn

Contact: Amanda Beckham, amanda.beckham@sevenstories.org.uk

  • Side By Side Arts CIC

Signee: Stuart Angus, Director

Contact: stuart@sidebysidearts.org

  • Skimstone Arts

Signee: Claire Webster-Saaramets, Director

Contact: Claire Webster-Saaramets, claire@skimstone.org.uk

  • Slugtown

Signees: Max Lee and Matt Antoniak, Co-directors

  • Summer Streets Festival

Signee: Ross Millard

Contact: hello@summerstreetsfestival.com

  • Streetwise Young People’s Project

Signee: Mandy Coppin (Taylor)

  •  Sunderland Culture

Signee: Graeme Thompson

Contact: graeme.thompson@sunderland.ac.uk

  • Sunderland Music Hub

Signee: Lizzie Nixon

Contact: sunderland.music@togetherforchildren.org.uk

  • Susan Ashley

AHRC Researcher

Contact: susan.ashley@northumbria.ac.uk

  • Tees Valley Arts

Signee: James Beighton, Executive Director

Contact: james@teesvalleyarts.org.uk

  • Hullabaloo Theatre

Signees: Miranda Thain, Chief Executive & Artistic Producer

Contact : mirandathain@theatrehullabaloo.org.uk

  • Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Signee: Iain Watson, Director

Contact: Bill Griffiths, bill.griffiths@twmuseums.org.uk

  • Tyne and Wear Cultural Freelancers

Signee: Leila d’Aronville

Contact: Leila d’Aronville, Leila.daronville@gmail.com

  • Twisterella Festival

Signees: Andy Carr and Henry Carden

Contact: info@twisterella.co.uk

  • Unfolding Theatre

Signees: Michael Barrass, Alex Elliott, Garry Lydon, Annie Rigby and Luca Rutherford

Contact: annie@unfoldingtheatre.co.uk

  • VAMOS!

Signee: Nikolas Barrera

Contact: nikolasbarrera@gmail.com

  • Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir

Signees: Mathapelo Imarhiagbe, Chinyere Igun, Glen Smiley

  • Waka Waka Africa North East

Signee: David Fualkner

Contact: wakawakaafricanortheast@sky.com

  • We Make Culture CIC

Signee: Laura Brewis, Project Director

Contact: laura@wemakeculture.co.uk

  • Workplace and Workplace Foundation

Signee: Miles Thurlow

Contact: miles@workplacefoundation.art

  • Yvette Ja Hawkins

Visual Artist

Contact: yvettehawkins@gmail.com

Added 16th June 2020:

  • The Common Room

Signee: Liz Mayes
Contact: Philippa.King-Williams@thecommonroom.org.uk

  • Cumberland Arms

Signee: Jo Hodson

Contact: Jo Hodson, info@thecumberlandarsm.co.uk

  • DrumDin

Signee: Carol Alevroyianni

Contact: calevroyianni@aol.com

  • Jack Drum Arts CIC

Signee: Helen Ward, Managing Director

Contact: helen@jackdrum.co.uk

  • Middlesbrough Council Cultural buildings

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough Museums

Signee: Mieka Smiles, Executive Member for Culture, Middlesbrough Council.
Contact: Mieka_Smiles@middlesbrough.gov.uk

  • NewcastleGateshead Initiative

Signee: Shelley Johnson
Contact: shelley.johnson@ngi.org.uk

  • Northern Alchemy Brewery

Signee: Andrew AItchison

Contact: andy@wearenorthernalchemy.com

  • The Old Coal Yard

Signee: Carl Kennedy

Contact: theoldcoalyardncl@gmail.com

  • On Board Arts street theatre company

Signee: Nik Alevroyiannis, Artistic Director

Contact: info@onboardarts.com

  • Paco Rivera, Musician

Contact: pacorivera54@hotmail.com

  • SALTo Arts Productions

Signee: Richard Broderick

Contact: brodsalto@gmail.com

Added 23rd June 2020

  • Artist Union England

Signee: Theresa Easton

Contact: theresa@artistsunionengland.org.uk

  • Bensham Grove

Signee: Shirley Brown, Chair

Contact: Vikas Kumar, Vice Chair, vikas@gemarts.org

  • Circus Central

Sarah Carrie, Operations Director
Contact: sarah@circuscentral.co.uk

  • Citizen Songwriters CIC

Signee: Sam Slatcher and Alex Summerson, Directors

Contact: info@citizensongwriters.org

  • Converge at Northumbria

Signee: Ally Hunter Byron – Coordinator 
Contact: Ally2.hunter@northumbria.ac.uk 

  • The Culture Durham Partnership

Signed by Tony Harrington, chair

Contact – tony@intheforge.com

  • The Cultural Spring

Signee: Emma Horsman


  • Dingy Butterflies CIC

Signee: Ben Jones, Founder & Director

Contact: dingybutterflies@gmail.com

  • East Durham Creates

Signees: Jess Hunt & Malcolm Fallow
Contact: jess.hunt@eastdurhamtrust.org.uk

  • Empty Shop CIC 

Signatories : Carlo Viglianisi and Nick Malyan

Contact: nick@emptyshop.org 

  • Explore Lifelong Learning

Signee:  Dorothy Stainsby, Co-chair, Joseph Cowen Lifelong Learning Centre CIO

Contact: weareexplore@gmail.com

  • Gateshead Council

Signee: Councillor Angela Douglas, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure

Contact: EdnieWilson@Gateshead.Gov.Uk

  • The Invisible Labs

Signee: Bhavani Esapathi, Founding Director

Contact: bhaesa@gmail.com

  • Keep Our NHS Public North East (KONPNE)

Signee: Jude Letham


  • Katie Mitchell

Arts and Health Network, North East

  • Laura Fish

Writer and lecturer at Northumbria University


  • Louise Evan Wong 



  • Luca Rutherford

writer + performer


  • Megan Brown

Dance Artist


  • Music Partnership North Newcastle

Signee: Georgina Biddle, Senior Specialist Music Service 

Contact: georgina.bddle@newcastle.gov.uk


  • Network Artists North East

Signee: Jo Liddle
Contact: admin@networkartists.org.uk

  • Sue Ward


Contact: sue.ward@phonecoop.coop

  • Pippa Kyle


  • North East Labour History Society

Signee: David Connolly

Contact: davidconnolly124@hotmail.co.uk

  • LGBT and fed North East

Signee: Phil Hayden

Contact: phil.hayden100@btinternet.com

  • Sanjee Ratnatunga

Ideas for Change Consulting

Contact: sanjrat@yahoo.co.uk

  • Sensory Spaces, Newcastle


  • Seventeen Nineteen

Signee: Lily Daniels, Participation and Engagement Officer

Contact: ldaniels@thecct.org.uk

  • Show Racism the Red Card

Contact name: Justine King, Educational Coordinator

Email: justine@theredcard.org

  • The Poetry Book Society

Signee: Sophie O’Neill

Contact: Sophie@inpressbooks.co.uk

  • Sunderland Culture 

Signee: Helen Connify


  • Tin Arts

Signee: Martin Wilson, Executive Director
Contact: martin@tinarts.co.uk

  • VARC

Signee: Helen Pailing

Contact: helen@varc.org.uk

  • Well Newcastle Gateshead

Signee: Mark Mulqueen, Programme Director

Contact: mark@bluestoneconsortium.org.uk

Added 30th June 2020

  • Event International

Signee: Frank Wilson

Contact: frank@eventi.co.uk 

  • Greenfield Arts

Signee: Katy Milne

Contact: katy.milne@greenfieldschool.net

  • Holly Argent

Artist/ Researcher


  • Kusoma African Book Club

Signee: Pauline Hughes (Plummer) 

Contact: pauline.sonnet@blueyonder.co.uk

  • North East of England African Community Association

Signee: Abdul-Aziz Kouamé

Contact: abdul.aziz.kouame@gmail.com

  • Northern Heartlands

Signee: Jill Cole

Contact: jill.cole@northernheartlands.org

  • Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne

Signee: Nick Hodgson

Contact: secretary@newcastle-antiquaries.org.uk

  • Success4All

Signée: Caroline Afolabi-Deleu

Contact: caroline@s4a.org.uk

  • Sue Woolhouse MA RCA

Ouseburn Warehouse Workshops


  • Women Artists of the North East Library

Signee: Holly Argent, Project lead

Email: womenartistsnelibrary@gmail.com