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Rachel Otterson presents 
Let’s Create NOT Apply: Poetry and Punk

Tuesday 6th August 2024

Cafe / Bar open:              11:00

Event Begins:                     20:00

Tickets:                                 Pay What You Feel

Running Time:                   Approx. 45mins

Age Rec:                                18+
Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

Poetry Politics Pints Protest Punk

As part of Let’s Create NOT Apply, Alphabetti Theatre is hosting Poetry and Punk. The spoken Word speaks into real life and unheard voices, it tells stories and makes a political change. Poetry and Punk is Rachel Otterson's performance poetry a collection of her witty, gritty, and let's change our city poetry.

About the artist:

I am creative in all forms. I am from the North love to speak about politics and love to make people laugh my hope is for cultural transformation and impact through wordplay and sounds. My spoken word focuses a lot on politics, the world around me as a creative, as a woman as a northern lass, and the impact of everything I encounter in life. Credits include BIG CHURCH FEST SLAM finalist 2024, Poetic Unity Spoken Word Theatre Company 2023/2024, Anthrotalks Theatre.

Social media @rachelotterson

About Let’s Create not Apply:

Let’s Create, Not Apply! is a much-needed platform for artists to perform – in today’s climate the life of a creative is all too often spent filling out applications and pitches instead of creating. Applying and waiting is a way of life for freelancers, and it needs to change!

This is a Festival for artists to CREATE instead of battling through the red tape of applications and funding.  A defiant shout against lack of creative opportunities and support in the arts. An opportunity to be a part of something wonderful and all too rare – a stage supported by community, not bids. This isn’t a march against trusts and funders (please don’t blacklist Alphabetti!) – it’s an open arm call to local talent to support and nurture creatives

Why “Joyful Punk”?

 After 12 years at the helm, Alphabetti’s founder and Artistic Director Ali Pritchard is departing. His final season at Alphabetti Theatre, “Joyful Punk”, will begin in August 2024 and run until the end of 2024.


Punk symbolizes profound self-expression, boundless creativity, and a courageous defiance of societal norms. Punk has re-emerged as a powerful platform for social activism, embodying the belief that art holds the potential to reshape the world. Punk has evolved into a beacon for positive social and cultural transformation.


And why joyful? Well, we could all use a bit of joy in the world right now, and Alphabetti is ready to bring it…


So, despite our weariness and disillusionment with the current state of society, we refuse to merely lament. Instead, let's defiantly raise our voices and embark on a mission to instigate positive change – fuelled by joy, laughter, art, and community. This is Ali’s rallying goodbye.


How does this event fit into the theme of Joyful Punk?

“My politics hits all of the notions of Punk. It is gritty, unapologetic, witty and got the working class at its heart. I speak openly about political, cultural and anthropological situations and I am not afraid to delve into areas that can be uncomfortable."

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