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Adam Robson presents 

Let’s Create NOT Apply: Angel? Not! By Adam Robson

Tuesday 13th August 2024

Cafe / Bar open:              11:00

Event Begins:                    19:30

Tickets:                                 Pay What You Feel

Running Time:                   Approx. 90mins (including an interval)

Age Rec:                               12+

Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

Rebel angel Leo's Earthly exile brings mischief, laughs, and unexpected lessons in this witty,

sarcastic comedic play

As part of Let’s Create NOT Apply, Alphabetti Theatre is hosting Adam Robson’s Angel? Not!.

Leo is the black sheep of heaven’s angels, he never really saw the appeal in being all good and selfless, instead he just wants to have fun and cause a little mischief along the way. When Leo gets his wish via exile from heaven to earth, he realizes that there are a few lessons to learn about what they really want, with the help of his hapless mentor, who also happens to be the Angel of Love.

Angel? Not! Is a comedy play that follows the protagonist of Angel Leo, who is the furthest thing from being angelic, always causing trouble upstairs. Until he is cast down to earth and must deal with finding his place in the world, accompanied by a plethora of wacky and wonderful characters along the way. The show contains elements of parody, slapstick, one liners and a hell of a lot of sarcasm (pun very much intended)!


About the artist:

I am an upcoming writer and director from the Northeast, in my final year studies at Northumbria University, and recent participant of The Live Theatre Newcastle Playwriting course. My credits include being a writer for Soreslaps Sketch Slap show on two different occasions and earlier this year having my short play (‘Legacy’) performed as part of one of your development residencies. As a writer I love working with extraordinary elements such as theology, mythology and history, bringing them into more mundane situations and creating narratives through this, evidenced my proposed show. I want to make this work as it has been a passion project of mine for a couple of years now. Originally a student production I directed in 2021 with the Northumbria University Drama society, and since then I have been looking for the opportunity to develop it further and take it to a more professional stage setting. I believe that this event would be the perfect opportunity to do so. In terms of why I am passion about it, is because as a theatre maker, I always love to make an audience laugh without dwelling to long on the doom and gloom (quite in line with your events theme), and I believe that this show encapsulates that, in allowing the audience to have a good laugh.

About Let’s Create not Apply:

Let’s Create, Not Apply! is a much-needed platform for artists to perform – in today’s climate the life of a creative is all too often spent filling out applications and pitches instead of creating. Applying and waiting is a way of life for freelancers, and it needs to change!

This is a Festival for artists to CREATE instead of battling through the red tape of applications and funding.  A defiant shout against lack of creative opportunities and support in the arts. An opportunity to be a part of something wonderful and all too rare – a stage supported by community, not bids. This isn’t a march against trusts and funders (please don’t blacklist Alphabetti!) – it’s an open arm call to local talent to support and nurture creatives


Why “Joyful Punk”?

After 12 years at the helm, Alphabetti’s founder and Artistic Director Ali Pritchard is departing. His final season at Alphabetti Theatre, “Joyful Punk”, will begin in August 2024 and run until the end of 2024.


Punk symbolizes profound self-expression, boundless creativity, and a courageous defiance of societal norms. Punk has re-emerged as a powerful platform for social activism, embodying the belief that art holds the potential to reshape the world. Punk has evolved into a beacon for positive social and cultural transformation.


And why joyful? Well, we could all use a bit of joy in the world right now, and Alphabetti is ready to bring it…


So, despite our weariness and disillusionment with the current state of society, we refuse to merely lament. Instead, let's defiantly raise our voices and embark on a mission to instigate positive change – fuelled by joy, laughter, art, and community. This is Ali’s rallying goodbye.


How does this event fit into the theme of Joyful Punk?

“I think the theme is encapsulated in the shows protagonist and their journey in the show, as they are quite a defiant character who is trying to rebel against being what everyone around them what's them to be. The joyful coming into the fact that the show is comedy and is written, while with some more in depth themes in the narrative, to mainly let people laugh and be happy.”

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