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Family Disco

Saturday 6th July 2024

Saturday 17th August 2024

Saturday 7th September 2024

Saturday 9th November 2024

Saturday 7th December 2024

Time: 13:00

Tickets:  £2

Running Time: Approx 120 mins

Age Rec: Family

Relax and groove the afternoon away with your loved ones at our laid-back Family Disco event!

What to Expect:
1. Fun Songs: We'll have a great playlist and will take your requests.
​2. Family-Friendly Vibes: This event is all about kicking back and enjoying the company of your nearest and dearest. From little ones to grandparents, everyone is welcome to join in on the dance-floor fun in a relaxed atmosphere.
​3. Easygoing Environment: At Alphabetti Theatre, we believe in keeping things casual and welcoming. Our Family Disco event provides a laid-back space where families can let loose and dance freely without any fuss.
​4. Refreshments: Take a breather and recharge with a selection of beverages – hot, cold, pop or booze and snacks available at our fully stocked bar. We've got you covered.

​Access: The lights will be dimmed but remain on, the disco ball may go on, there may be some relaxed slowly changing coloured lights, the music will be louder than a coffee shop but quiet enough to have a chat. We have a limited number of noise reduction headphones for children and adults, free to borrow, if you would like to reserve a set please do so in advance.

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