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Rosie Bowden presents 

Lasses Fest!

8th June 2024

Times: 14:00 – Lasses market – Free to attend!

17:30 – Maya Torres and the Girls, Theys & Slays choir – PWYF
18:45 – Girl Dinner – Free to attend!
19:30 - Lasses - Kicking ass and breaking ceilings made of glass - £3-£10
21:00 – Lovely chill party vibes – Free to attend!

Join the lasses for a full afternoon and evening of local female and non-binary talent. A mixed bill festival of cabaret performances, singing choirs and local markets, with a community meal amongst it all. Let's crack on and change the narrative. It’ll be lush.

Rosie does arts stuff. Rosie still feels new to arts stuff.

Rosie is now regularly bringing people together and loving it. 

Rosie wants you to come and eat food, support local business, listen to our community choir and have a brilliant Lasses fest.


Join us for a little bit of everything, as we take what is and make it ours. We are changing the narrative with a sprinkling of joy and if I know you, you probably don’t want to miss it.

For this festival event, there will be:
Lasses market
A collection of local female entrepreneurs all in one place!

Doors:                           14:00

Price:                             FREE!
Running Time:           Approx. 180mins
Age Rec:                      All Welcome

Location:                    Alphabetti Theatre Bar / Café

Maya Torres and the Girls, Theys and Slays choir

The coolest, grooviest local choir, made up of passionate lasses and non-binary folk led by Maya Torres. In the second half of the performance, the wonderful Maya will run an 'audience choir' - come along ready for a sing-along!

Doors:                         17:30

Price:                           Pay What You Feel  (booking essential) 
Running Time:         Approx. 60mins
Age Rec:                    All Welcome

Location:                   Alphabetti Theatre

Girl Dinner

If you aren't with us already,  please arrive at 6.45pm with any girl dinner dishes you would like to add to the spread. If you are making food, please don't include nuts and bring a list of ingredients included. No stress if you can't bring a dish, you can still join and nibble!

Starts:                         18:45

Price:                           FREE!
Running Time:         Approx. 60mins
Age Rec:                    All Welcome

Location:                   Alphabetti Bar 

Lasses: Kicking Ass & Breaking Ceilings Made of Glass

Featuring performances from Bridget Marumo, Chloe Millar and Esme Burrell, expect joy and wonder from this team of wonderful performers.

Doors to theatre:                   19:30

Tickets:                                      £10 full, £5 concession, Suitable for Over 65, Under 18, Student, Artist, Unemployment Benefit, Disability Benefit. Please  note proof of concession eligibility may be asked for upon arrival at the box office. Complimentary tickets are available for PAs supporting those with access requirements.)
£3 No questions (limited to 8 and online only)
Running Time:                        Approx. 90mins
Age Rec:                                  14+

Lovely Chill Party Vibes

Join us after the show for drinks and chill vibes - some cheesy tunes and all of your requests!

Starts:                        21:00

Price:                          FREE!
Running Time:        Approx. 120mins
Age Rec:                   All Welcome

Location:                   Alphabetti Bar

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