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Rooms webAlphabetti Theatre presents
The Rooms

A dark and thrilling promenade performance exploring the hidden depths of Alphabetti Theatre

When: Thursday 27th October – Saturday 5th November 2016 (excludes Sunday)
Show Begins: 7.30pm
Tickets:  BOOK ONLINE HERE   £8 Full Price / £6 Concession (Student, OAP, Artist, Unwaged)
Where: Alphabetti Theatre, The Basement, 18 New Bridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW
Age Recommendation: 12+

 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Part of this production will take place outside so please wear warm clothing.

This atmospheric promenade production of new short plays for Halloween is written by three of the North East’s most exciting female writers, and is to be performed by men. They will take you on three original and immersive stories situated in spaces not normally accessible to the public amongst the unique hidden nooks of our basement venue. The Rooms 2016 is made up of:


Rooms outdoor web 2A Terrorist’s Guide to Romance by Laura Lindow

Down in the foundations Citizen X sits alone. A righteous man. He has plans for this city, plans that will blow your mind. Citizen X sees a future. If only the rest of the world would comply. And when he gets this itch out of his head, he’ll show you. Well, those that listen.

The itch isn’t particularly special. Today he would have trouble picking her out of a crowd. He’s always been bad with faces. Some kind of amnesia. But that thing behind her eyes, he’d know that if he saw it again. He needs to see that again. That thing he calls ‘good’.

Directed by Rachel Glover
Performed by James Hedley

Word Salad by Sarah Gonnet

“The truth is, you shouldn’t be worried about psycho killers, you should be worried about your partner.”

Mathew misses Catherine. The Catherine who was creative, and special. The Catherine we would have liked to meet.

Maybe he lost her when he was busy making all those film trailers. Maybe he lost her to the Bipolar, the treatment programmes, the Adderrall. Maybe he lost her when the doctors were trying to make everyone normal, the same, generic, like an American procedural cop show. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

“I can get pretty obsessive…have I already said that?”

Directed by Rosie Stancliffe
Performed by Bob Nicholson

rooms outdoor web 1

Night Trade by Becci Sharrock

Z’s a loner, but tonight he’s making an exception and wants you all to make yourself at home.

Come in, gather round. Z wants to have a look at you. He has a clean room! For his favourite. What’s that you’re drinking? Are you a big drinker?

Z isn’t from round here. Not originally. He came here when…it doesn’t matter because Z’s got a proposition for you. You could say Z is an entrepreneur. Ever since that night with Geordie and Sammy. Waking up to the smell of blood. But Z doesn’t discuss business in public.

And neither will you, right? Because Z has seen you in the town, doing your shopping, out with your mates. Z has eyes everywhere.

Directed by Karen Traynor
Performed by Matt Miller


Dramaturgical Support & Curation by Ben Dickenson
Produced by Chloe Stott & Ali Pritchard

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