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Please note: Due to Covid-19 all tickets must be bought online only.

Alphabetti Theatre and Woven Nest present
By Ali Pritchard


Tues 15th - Thursday 24th December 2020

(excluding Sunday 20th)


A brand new festive, family friendly, Covid-19 safe, immersive performance for one household/support bubble at a time.

Running length: Approx. 50 mins

Time Slots from: 15:50 until 19:00 (Schooldays) & 11:00 until 19:00 (Saturdays/school holidays)

Where: Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4HP

Price:  £30 per household/bubble (groups of max 5)

Age Recommendation: Suitable for all the family


Love and magic is being sucked out of our world.

Can you help us, find out how and why and SAVE Christmas?


Alphabetti Theatre and Woven Nest present a new Christmas show for one household/ support bubble at a time. Created by Alphabetti’s award-winning Artistic / Executive Director (Ali Pritchard) comes mesmerising show created exclusively for these unfamiliar times. Despite the global pandemic production partners Woven Nest have been running workshops outside, online and anyway they can  with West Rainton Primary School, Springfield Lodge Care Home, Carr Hill Community Primary School, and Hotspur Primary School to devise details and colour that writer Ali Pritchard has weaved into a script. With a villain who only eats raw turnips and rat stew – subsequently needing to douse themselves in sickly-sweet tropical perfume to her invisible gargoyle subordinates; this is a production that will transport the audience into physical and metaphorical other worlds!

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Written by Ali Pritchard in association with participants from West Rainton Primary School, Springfield Lodge Care Home, Carr Hill Community Primary School, St Mark's Court Care Home & Hotspur Primary School


Workshops run by Woven Nest


Performed by Diji Solanke


Directed by Ali Pritchard


Assistant Directors: Olivia Hunt & Poppy Crawshaw


Designed by Molly Barret


Assistant designer by Anna Robinson


Set built by James Pickering & Dan Brown


Lighting design by Dan Saggars


Videographer Jacob Garthwaite


Composer / Sound designer Wilf Stone


Automata designer/technician Rachel Glover


Produced by Esther Fearn & Ali Pritchard


Stage managers Becky Glendenning-Laycock, Andrea Scrimshaw & Rachel Glover


Creative runner Izaak Gledhill

Pre-recorded actors Judi Earl & Steve Byron

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Please note:

  • All tickets must be pre-booked due to Covid-19 – no walkups available.

  • All audience members will need to bring a face covering to be worn throughout the performance (whilst inside) to keep our staff safe

  • All audience members will need to bring a pair of headphones to be worn at certain parts throughout the performance.

  • All audience members should wear suitable clothing for winter weather, as some parts of the performance will take place outside.

       (If you forget any of these things, Alphabetti will have masks to purchase, headphones and snuggle packs to hire.)

  • Due to the military precision required for this production to keep all staff and audience safe - there is a strict no late comers policy.

Unfortunately due to the covid-19 restrictions in place we are not financially able to offer any Pay What You Feel live performances, however we will be releasing a free online filmed version of the performance as part of our online programme on 23rd December.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean, “book a slot per household?”

This show was created in line with social distancing measures due to Covid-19 and so the only members of the audience during your performance will be your household / support bubble. When booking a ticket for the performance you book a performance “slot.” Each slot is 1 performance of the show that can be watched by a maximum of 5 people from the same household or social bubble. This is to ensure we are staying safe.

How much is a ticket/slot?

Each slot costs £30 regardless of if there are less than 5 in your household social bubble. If there are less than 5 in your household/social bubble the slot will still cost £30.

Can anymore than 5 people watch the show in the same slot?

No. This show was created with social distancing in mind, there will be 1 member of staff with you at all times who has to remain distanced from yourselves, there no more than 5 people from the same household/social bubble can watch the show at once. This is keep to everyone as safe as possible.

Can two households/social bubbles join together to share a slot?

No. Each slot must be used by no more than one household/social bubble to stay in line with government guidelines and social distancing measures.

When should we arrive?

Households/social bubbles should arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning of their slot. It is essential to arrive early to keep performances running on time. Household/social bubbles that are late for their slot are not guaranteed to see the performance and we are unable to offer refunds due to lateness.

What is your late comers policy?

This show has a strict no late comers policy. Due to the fact each performance is for one household/social bubble at a time, we need to make sure we don’t fall behind in our running times. This means that shows will start promptly at the time advertised on your ticket, and we will not be able to hold any shows for late comers.

Will be able to stay after the show?

Yes. There will be space outside for audiences to stay and finish drinks etc, however this depends on if there is space. We cannot guarantee that there will be space and we are not able to pre book space for households.

Can we get drinks/food during the performance?

Drinks and snacks will be available to pre order when you are booking your tickets. You will not be able to order drinks on the day or arrive early to have a drink before the show.

How long does each slot/performance last?

Approximately 50 minutes with no interval.

What age group is the show suitable for?

The performance is suitable for all ages, although those aged 5+, will be able to understand the desperation and need to save Christmas and the magic of the year!

Can I bring my baby?

Yes, we allow free babe in arms tickets for children under the age of 2 years old.

Will we be seated throughout the performance?

No. This is a promenade immersive performance where audience members travel from room to room, led by a member of staff.

A member of my household is in a wheelchair. Can they still attend?

Absolutely. This performance is accessible for audience members who use wheelchairs,  however due to fire regulations we can only accommodate for two wheelchairs per performance. 

A member of our household/social bubble has access requirements. Can you accommodate us?

Yes. We want this show to be as accessible as possible. When booking a ticket please make us aware of any access requirements your household might need. We will then do our best to ensure your requirements are met to the best of our ability.

There will be audio described performances, due to Covid-19 touch tours of the performance will not be available however members of your household / support bubble can help you explore the set when safe to do so. 


For deaf and hard of hearing audience members, provisions have been made to make the production as accessible for you as possible. Due to the immersive nature of the performance we have created elements to suit you.


Can I bring a pram for my child?

Yes, there will be space to leave folded up prams, or you can take single prams with children in them to watch the show.

Do I need to bring anything for the performance?

Yes. Audience members will need to bring 3 things for the performance:

- All audience members will need to bring a face covering to be worn throughout the performance to keep our staff safe. 

- All audience members will need to bring a pair of headphones to be worn at certain parts throughout the performance.

- All audience members should bring warm clothes suitable for winter weather, as some parts of the performance will take place outside.

If you forget any of these things, Alphabetti will have spare available for purchase/hire on the day.


Will there be any flashing lights or loud noises?

There will be no unexpected loud noises in the performance or use of strobe lighting. Please note The performance does use darkness a lot.

Is parking available?

Full details on parking, transport and travel details are available on our website here

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