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In association with Hotspur Primary & Hawthorn Primary,
Alphabetti Theatre present the World Premiere of

Written & Directed by Ali Pritchard
Performed by Paula Penman & Calum Howard

WED 6th December 2023 – SAT 6th January 2024

Times: Vary 

Tickets: Pay What You Feel (6th Dec – 9th Dec) £15 - £3 (12th Dec – 6th Jan)

Age Rec: 4+

Access performances:  Captioned 23rd Dec, Audio described 3rd Jan.

All performances Relaxed.

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A fantastical family adventure by Alphabetti’s award-winning Artistic Director.

Water is the source of all life, the most important liquid in our ecosystem – all plants, insects and animals, (including you!) cannot survive without it. However, have you ever strapped on your magnifying snorkel and plunged your head in a puddle?


We have and do we have story to tell you about the world that lives inside!

Puddle, has been co-created by an award-winning professional creative team and pupils from Hotspur Primary School & Hawthorn Primary School. The pupils have co-written the script, co-composed the music, co-designed and co-built the set, and much more!

Praise for previous work:


“The influence of the youngsters is enchantingly evident throughout, from the fart references and flights of fancy to the song lyrics and the troupe of lovingly crafted goblin heads which serve as an eye-catching backdrop to the action…this really is a family show with universal appeal.”

Sam Wonfor, Cultured North East, 2022 about Song Of The Goblins by Ali Pritchard


“They sat transfixed for about an hour. And there was laughter too, not just from the kids but from the adults as well, always a sign of a well-written and performed piece.”

Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide, 2020 about Rocket Girl by Steve Byron Directed by Ali Pritchard


“Beautifully written and powerfully performed, this alternative Christmas fable is packed with humour and heart.” ★★★★

Tracey Sinclair, The Stage, 2019 about Present By Ali Pritchard

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