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LINGUA FRANCA - Borneo Bengkel LIVE on the D'Addario Stage
Borneo Bengkel in collaboration with Wordsmiths of Kuching presents

SAT 17TH JULY 2021

Performance Time: 11:00am  

Live Audience: Socially distanced tickets will be available and will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions.

Online Audience: The performance will be live streamed   

Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 1.5 hours

Age Rec: 16+ 

Let's be frank. A collaborative poetry event between poets from Borneo and the North of England.

Lingua Franca is a collaborative poetry event between seven poets from Borneo and the North East of England that will explore two vastly different, yet parallel national and cultural identities. An experiment in solidarity, we hope to spark a conversation in the UK and Malaysia on identity, marginalisation, dualism, and otherness.Join us for this event and hear through spoken word at what intersections can we meet to share words, stories and experiences with one another.

Performed live and online, in both locations and streamed to an international audience, this spoken word event launches GemArts Masala Festival and is the culmination of a collaborative poetry gathering organised by Borneo Bengkel and Wordsmiths of Kuching.

Lingua Franca is part of Borneo Bengkel’s international programme Bor(neo): North + East, aiming to build bridges between creatives from North East England and Borneo Island and is supported by British Council's Connections Through Culture grant programme.


Borneo Bengkel is a creative platform that explores issues of Bornean identity and culture through the eyes of artists, performers, craft makers, filmmakers, and social activists. Now in its third year, Borneo Bengkel is going beyond Bornean borders to create dialogues with fellow neighbours for cross-community exchange, skill-sharing and interdisciplinary dialogues.



connects creatives from North East England and Borneo to share their stories, works, and aspirations virtually with each other and audiences from both regions—in a journey to rediscover solidarity in the midst of pandemic solitude.