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Friday 14th June – Saturday 13th July 2024

Bar Open from: 11:00

Matches starts: Please see below

Last orders: 21:45

Tickets: Free! 

Age Rec: Family

Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

We’re showing the football in our bar on our big screen – “Football? You got to be jokin’ Yous lot like the arts and community and that!” We hear you say, to which we reply “Correct wonderful human (we don’t want to presume your pronouns), we do like art and community and that we also enjoy football – we also need the money from the bar and we’re also aware that some folks want to enjoy the big foot soccer game in a public space but may not feel comfortable in a quenesstial pub.”

Join us for all the action as we screen every men's Euro finals live from Tuesday to Saturday! Don't miss a moment of the excitement as Europe's top teams battle it out on the big screen.


Catch the games with us and soak up the electric atmosphere while enjoying our cozy venue and delicious refreshments.


We’re showing:


Friday 14th June                             8pm                     Germany vs Scotland


Saturday 15th June                      2pm                     Hungary vs Switzerland

                                                               5pm                     Spain vs Croatia

                                                               8pm                      Italy vs Albania


Tuesday 18th June                        5pm                     Turkey vs Georgia

                                                               8pm                     Portugal vs Czechia


Wednesday 19th June                2pm                     Croatia vs Albania

                                                               5pm                      Germany vs Hungary

                                                               8pm                     Scotland vs Switzerland


Thursday 20th June                      2pm                     Slovenia vs Serbia

                                                                5pm                     England vs Denmark

                                                                8pm                     Spain vs Italy


Friday 21st June                             2pm                     Slovakia vs Ukraine

                                                                5pm                     Poland vs Austria

                                                                8pm                     Netherlands vs France


Saturday 22nd June                      2pm                     Georgia vs Czechia

                                                                5pm                     Turkey vs Portugal

                                                                8pm                     Belgium vs Romania


Tuesday 25th June                        5pm                     France vs Poland

                                                                8pm                     England vs Slovenia

                                                                (don’t miss Goal! At 6pm as a pre match warm up!) 


Wednesday 26th June                5pm                     Ukraine vs Belgium

                                                               8pm                    Georgia vs Portugal


Saturday 29th June                      5pm                     Last 16

                                                               8pm                    Last 16


Tuesday 2nd July                            5pm                     Last 16

                                                                8pm                     Last 16


Friday 5th July                                  5pm     Quarter Finals

                                                                8pm     Quarter Finals


Saturday 6th July                          5pm     Quarter Finals

                                                               8pm     Quarter Finals


Tuesday 9th July                           8pm     Semi Finals


Wednesday 10th July                  8pm      Semi Finals


Sunday 14th July                          8pm      Final (but only if a home nation is in it!)

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