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sharknado poster.jpg
Alphabetti Theatre Presents 

Cult Cinema Club: Sharknado (2013)

Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th July 2024

As part of our Shark Week Programme!

Tuesday 9th Start 18:00

Wednesday 10th Start 20:00

Tickets: £5

Running Time: 100 mins

Age Rec: PG

Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

Rated 3/10 on IMDB – A film so bad it’s good.

“Sharknado” burst onto the scene with a premise so outlandish it defied all expectations. The film follows the catastrophic convergence of a tornado and a swarm of man-eating sharks, resulting in a frenzied, fin-filled storm that threatens the very fabric of civilization.


While the plot may have bordered on the absurd, the film’s unapologetic embrace of its own campiness was part of its genius. It paid homage to the golden age of B-movies, channeling a spirit of gleeful irreverence that resonated with audiences seeking a departure from the polished and predictable. A film that transcended it’s genre and became a pop culture phenomenon.

“Sharknado” is the movie with the most unlikely plot in history -- a tornado scooping man-eating sharks out of the ocean and dumping them on Los Angeles. Even more unlikely, was the cult following that developed for this Si-Fi made-for-TV movie. It was so successful, the filmmakers made a sequel… or five.


Join us as you see Alphabetti like never before…. A cinema! Whaaaat! Part of our new cult film club programme!

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