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Bonnie and The Bonnettes
in Association with Alphabetti Theatre Present 
The BonBons Cabaret NYE Bonanza! (Adult Only Show)


Performance Time: 9:30pm

Covid-19 Policy: This production will have socially distanced tickets which will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions.    

Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 60 mins plus pop ups

Age Rec: 16+

“Their colourful cabaret acts and light-hearted musical numbers tread the contentious ground of LGBTI identity, highlighting the courage it takes to be different.” (NARC Magazine)

Step through the doors and who knows who you will meet.

Will it be your hosts, drag trio Bonnie and The Bonnettes? Will it be our starlet on the rise singer/songwriter MXYM? Will it be the lip-syncing, burlesque babe that is Mama Rhi? Or will it be the appetising queen Vol-Au-Vent Love? Who knows? But there is one thing you can be sure of and that is a glitter-fuelled, foot stomping, pant wetting cabaret riot!

Bonnie and The Bonnettes are a theatre company and drag/cabaret trio based in the North East (Newcastle), founded in 2016 by Cameron Sharp, Rebecca Glendenning, and Hattie Eason.  
"The trio present a colourful united front against the world" (A Younger Theatre)
We like it when audiences laugh. We like it when audiences think. We really like it when they do both at the same time.
The House of Love is a North East based queer collective, which includes drag trio Bonnie and The Bonnettes, singer/songwriter MXYM, burlesque babe Mama Rhi, and drag artist Vol-Au-Vent Love.


Photo: TJMoy