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Big Strong Man

The Growth House presents 

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th October 2024

Cafe / Bar open:              11:00

Doors to theatre:              9:30

Tickets:                                  £15 full,

£7.50 concession, Suitable for Over 65, Under 18, Student, Artist, Unemployment Benefit, Disability Benefit. Please note proof of concession eligibility may be asked for upon arrival at the box office. Complimentary tickets are available for PAs supporting those with access requirements.)

 £3 No questions (limited to 8 and online only)
Running Time:                    Approx. 60mins
Age Rec:                               16+
Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

A hilarious and powerful show that explores Northern masculinity and society through interactive cabaret.

Four Northern lads are given the impossible task of rebuilding Northern masculinity in one night.
Pete thinks we should get rid of this outdated concept forever.
Chris thinks we should listen to the King (since he’s like everyone’s Dad isn’t he?)
Jonny thinks that the only essentials are work, women, food and the gym.
Tommy thinks they’re all idiots and would rather be playing video games.

They’ve got some big decisions to make, and everytime they do, something happens: a game, a song, a scene or a mysterious feeling they can’t quite describe... Only one of them can win the game and become the BIG STRONG MAN to save us all. Which one? That’s up to you!

BIG STRONG MAN is a celebration of northern culture and community spirit which has been developed since 2018 by working with communities from across the North. Using interactive cabaret these fast-paced, skillful performers bring you the captivating atmosphere of a cabaret show or gig. Interaction is encouraged, but not essential - you can simply sit back, relax with a pint and enjoy this physical comedy spectacle/chaotic mess unfold.

Join surrealist comedy comrades, The Growth House, as they invite you for a night of Poundland level extravagance, side-splitting comedy and electrifying performances. Featuring (deep breath) storytelling, song, dance, improv, ladders, competition, boy band parodies, lip syncs, placards, blocks, charity shop suits, karaoke and a bear, BIG STRONG MAN promises to be an unforgettable alternative comedy night out.


Audience reviews:

"Funny, thought provoking and like nothing else I've seen"

"Dazzingly brilliant!"

"Stroke of genius"

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