We tend to program in 3 – 6 month cycle. 


We pride ourselves on being approachable, so drop us an email and let’s start chatting. We are interested in programming new and original work across the performing arts; however, if you’ve got an idea that doesn’t quite sit in that section, please do still get in contact – we can either help with introducing you to the right person or you can sell it to us! Please note we do not programme amateur dramatics - it has an essential position in the ecology of performing arts, but unfortunately that position is not with us.

We are ultimately interested in creating relationships with artists and companies, to enable us to build a community and a network. We don’t really fancy being a one night stand.  We prefer to be part of the project from the start working with you to support funding applications, creation and audiences. Alphabetti believes in being a socioeconomically accessible venue so we want as many productions as possible to be part of our Pay What You Feel ticketing scheme. Due to Alphabetti’s size, we are unable to offer guarantees. We tend to offer box office splits always weighted towards the artists – we only on extenuating circumstances and very, very rarely will charge a hire.  

If you want to be programmed, get in touch with our Artistic Director, Ali, and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can. If you still haven’t had a reply within a week or two, please feel free to give him a cheeky nudge via calling the theatre or better still come into the venue.


Contact Ali at

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